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The use of Mobile applications is the latest trend in today’s business. Everyone loves a great app that can help them do something or the other, at anytime and from anywhere. People spend thousands on the latest, fastest, having the most features, and smart expensive phones to ensure that they can utilize the maximum number of apps to make their lives easy. Now you too can utilize the world of apps to benefit you in your business. Be the next business tycoon by getting your own ride sharing mobile app script.

Our ride sharing mobile app clone is loaded with some of the best features that the industry has to offer!

Why Buy Ride Sharing Mobile App Clone From Us?

When you buy the ride sharing mobile app script from us, you don’t just get a superior mobile app clone, but also kick start your own hassle free business with minimal investment that can earn you huge revenues in no time! Buy ride sharing mobile app clone and make the most of the app-ing phenomenon! With this script, you can now help people find ride seekers or car owners in and around their locality for carpooling rides. Every time someone uses your app to book rides, you end up making a handsome commission.

Top Features Of Our Car Sharing Mobile App Script

If you really want to be successful in a jiffy, here is your chance of buying our ride sharing mobile app script to get the best features for your business.

Our carpooling mobile app clone features:

Geo location features: Allows your users to find and locate rides that are being offered in their immediate vicinity.

Multi Currency: We will integrate your local currency into the system so that your members can book their ride using the currency they are familiar with. If Euro is what they wheel and deal in, then the members will book the ride in EURO.

Multi Language: We will integrate your local language into the system so that your members can view the site in a language that they can read and understand. If you are going to operate in France, then the language will be changed to French and your members will be able to view the site in French.

Personal favorites: Enables the ride seekers and car owners to put in their personal preferences on the app, giving them a choice of a ride that is perfect for them. Personal preferences include pet friendly, smoking or non-smoking, etc etc.

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