The Ride Sharing Clone Demo That Will Make The Decision For You

A visual speaks a 1000 words. We understand that reading too much information can be mind boggling and boring too, and that is why we have designed the carpooling script demo or the car sharing clone demo.

The ride sharing clone demo will give you a first hand insight into the workings of the carpooling script demo. The easy to understand car sharing clone demo will give you a clear picture of how easy it is to use and how lucrative the business can be.

Our demo includes the workings of the website and the Admin Panel, as well as the demo of the Android App and iPhone-iOS App, and how they all work in synchronisation with each other.

Ride Sharing Clone Front End Demo

The front end demo will give you an insight into what the app looks like. You will be able to see how perfectly the synchronisation for ride posters and ride seekers is. Both need to register and log on using their unique identities. Once logged in, they can continue what they want to do, i.e. seek a ride share or list a ride share.

It is a fully responsive site and will run on all your personl didgital gadgets, be it smartphone or tablet. You will see first hand how user friendly it is and how easy it is to use, both by you, the owner as well as the users.

The Ride Sharing Front End Demo

This is the place where you see what is going on in your ride sharing world. The comings and goings, the drivers offering rides, details of all the members, details of payments etc. This is the hub where everything is controlled. The driver, the passengers and the finances.

The dashboard will give you a list of all the activities of the site. You can click on each one and see how they work.

The clone has a selection of templates that you can choose to get the appearance of the site to your liking.

We to code and design and are the 1st and only company to clone the concept of Ridesharing Website and enhance it as per markets need and resell it.