Ask Us For Customisation For Ride Sharing Clone

Just like a new home, you definitely want to put your own unique stamp on your product. Ask us for customisation for carpooling script that we offer. Or better still you can tell us what carpool customisation you want done. It’s easy to do that too as our code is 100% scalable and we can give you the product you desire.

Some of the Ride Sharing Script Customization that our clients ask us to do include:

  • A language of your choice to be added.
  • A new Currency needs to be added
  • An integration of a new payment method on your site
  • Member login using other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc
  • You might want to tweak the design a bit.

We are available throughout the year, anytime of the day or night. Just pick up the phone and our team of experts will get your site designed to your specifications in no time. Minor changes are done free of charge. Any other customisations that you want done, will be done at a nominal fee.

You have seen the demo, bought the site, so get it customised to your specifications and start the business that will take you places!

We to code and design and are the 1st and only company to clone the concept of Ridesharing Website and enhance it as per markets need and resell it.