About Us

This unique and one of its kind ride sharing script has been designed by an IT company that is known all over the globe as BBCS Technolabs. The company has some of the best masterminds in the field of IT who work diligently round the clock for you.

The company was set up with the concept to bring new ideas into the world of IT, and has designed more than 500 websites to date. The company has also designed many phone applications including Android, iPhone and other smart phones.

Our Commitment To You

We have immense expertise and experience in the world of ride sharing sites, such that our ride sharing script has been designed specifically for you to save and make money. The website has the most unique features available in any car pooling or ride sharing website.

Having the interests of both the car owner and the rider, we have designed the script to facilitate both of them, each having their own individual gain, the driver by generateing revenue from his car, and the rider, who gets a comfortable ride at a budgeted price. But out of the three, you gain the most, from both the rider and the driver. This script has been designed just for you to make your future, from anywhere on the globe.

We to code and design and are the 1st and only company to clone the concept of Ridesharing Website and enhance it as per markets need and resell it.